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St. Anthony and the Princess

24. February 2010
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2o0,000 Pilgrims in 80 Hours for St. Anthony of Padua

Some 200,000 people took advantage of the special showing of St. Anthony’s relics that occurred at the basilica in Padua last week.

“What is amazing is that all those people — it was an interminable procession — had the clear perception not of being before someone who was dead, a skeleton or some bones, but before a person who is, and who is alive,” the vicar-general of the Diocese of Padua, Monsignor Paolo Doni told Vatican Radio. (read more)

A True Princess for Our Little Ones to Admire to be Beatified Oct. 17th

Camilla da Varano (1458-1524) was born to Giulio Cesare, the prince of Camerino. She spent her youth enjoying social life, studying Latin, law, painting and horseback, and basking in the surroundings of a sumptuous palace.

In her autobiography, Camilla recounts that when she was 9 years old she heard a homily on Good Friday in which Brother Domenico da Leonessa asked those present to shed at least one tear every Friday out of love for Jesus. She took it as a vow to follow all her life.

Early in her youth she intuited a vocation to the religious life, but it was hard for her to accept. Once she decided to abandon herself into God’s hands and saw clearly that he was calling her, her father opposed the decision, wishing her to marry. She succeeded in overcoming the obstacles to her vocation and at 23, entered the convent of St. Clare in Urbino. (read more)

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