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04.March 2010

4. March 2010

Pope Sends Condolences to French Storm Victims

Benedict XVI said that he “commends the deceased to the mercy of God and prays that genuine solidarity will allow persons affected by this tragedy, especially those who have lost everything, to find the support and assistance they need.”

The Pontiff invoked “abundance of divine blessings for all persons sorely tried.”

A mix of unique conditions caused Sunday’s storm, which brought waves crashing over the sea walls along the French coast. read more

British Bishops Issue Statement for Upcoming Election and Papal Visit

“The principle of the common good requires that the essential dignity of every human life is upheld because our life is not our property to dispose of but a gift to treasure,” the bishops note. “When this principle is abandoned, then a zero has been introduced into the calculation of the common good. The abortion of the unborn, and euthanasia even when voluntary, are a fundamental denial of this principle, because both are concerned with exclusion from the human community, both are contrary to the common good. Both issues make clear that defense of the immeasurable value of human life is part of a ‘seamless robe ‘, which requires all such threats to be taken seriously and opposed.” read more

Good News for the Church in England and Wales!

The Church in England and Wales is currently experiencing a great deal of growth, as evidenced by the large groups who recently participated in Rite of Election ceremonies across the two countries.
Over the weekend of 21-22 February, those making this important step towards becoming Catholic numbered 797 in the Archdiocese of Westminster, 517 in Southwark and 306 in Brentwood, the Catholic Communications Network reported. In each of the cities of Nottingham, Plymouth, Leeds and Liverpool among others over 100 soon-to-be-Catholics participated in the ceremonies.
“The growing numbers of people coming forward to become members of the Catholic community give the lie to those who suggest that religion is gasping its last breath”, said Bishop Kieran Thomas Conry of Arundel and Brighton, where 180 participated. “On the first weekend of Lent, Cathedrals across England and Wales will have seen excited, nervous and happy adults and young people looking forward to full membership of the Catholic community, and a Catholic community delighted to welcome them”.
(courtesy L’Osservatore Romano)

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