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Reluctantly, I Couldn’t Agree More

4. March 2010

…only because society has made it practically impossible to live on a single income with a traditionally large family.

Speaking on the theme of “Family and Business, Vital Cells of Society,” at a meeting of the Catholic Union of Businessmen and Executives (UCID) in Rome last week, the cardinal noted that many of the societal problems today, especially those concerning children and youth, are a result of the fact that both parents work outside of the home.

He observed, “The self-realization sought by the woman in a job, in a career, in social success has as a cost the renouncement of the marriage and children.”

The Italian edition of L’Osservatore Romano reported that during his address the cardinal stressed that “domestic work deserves economic recognition” and that “numerous families deserve special reductions and financial facilities,” pointing to the examples of France and Germany where “families with three children pay €2,000 [$2,720] or €3,000 [$4,080] less” in taxes. read more

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