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Doctors Split on Miracle of John Paul II, Delay Beatification

6. March 2010

Progress toward the beatification of Pope John Paul II may be delayed, a Polish newspaper reports, because doctors examining a reported miracle have been unable to reach a consensus.

A Vatican official told the ANSA news agency that the team of doctors examining the reported miracle had not yet reached a finding, and their report is not expected until after Easter. However the Warsaw daily Rzeczpospolita said that the doctors were split on the case.

The miracle under discussion is the sudden healing of a French nun, Sister Marie Simon-Pierre, who had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease– coincidentally, the same disease that Pope John Paul II battled for years. At least some of the doctors examining the case are not convinced that the disease was actually Parkinson’s, Rzeczpospolita reports. Other diseases of the nervous system produce similar symptoms. To complicate matters, there are reports– as yet unconfirmed– that Sister Simon-Pierre has experienced a recurrence of the symptoms that she had shown in 2005 prior to her remarkable recovery. read more

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