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10. March 2010

11. March 2010

Churches Prepare for 2012 Olympics

“at least three thousand churches across the United Kingdom will mobilize with the work of More Than Gold to help best serve the nations of the world as they arrive on our shores.”

The More Than Gold brand has been used by Christian churches in various countries who have come together to serve athletes and visitors at major international events such as the Commonwealth, Pan Am, and Winter and Summer Olympic Games.

It was first used by the groups who united to plan projects for the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. It aims to mobilize Christians for service projects and to motivate them to witness to Gospel virtues, which are many times also underlined as sporting values. read more

Celebration of St. Benedict Days Begins

Today Benedict XVI blessed a torch in honor of his namesake, which will be brought to Cassino for the weeklong celebration of Europe’s patron.

The torch of St. Benedict of Nursia was lit Feb. 27 in the cathedral of Cologne, Germany, and is traveling toward Cassino, Italy, for the celebrations in honor of the saint. It is due to arrive Saturday, and the festivities will begin the next day. read more

Focus on Persons Will Solve Economic Problems

“The focus of concern in the reform of the financial system, and the economic models that are operative in government programs and corporate policies, should shift from goods and services to the persons who are recipients of these services,” he added; “in this way, they have access to the resources to improve their position in life and thus place their talents at the service of their local community and the universal common good.” read more

Carmelite Nuns Fight Against Cheaper Secular Business

For many of France’s 36 religious communities who make 140 million host wafers every year, and the additional 30 groups who live off the dwindling sales, the income is vital for their survival, the report said. read more

1 Million Protest New Pro-Abortion Laws in Spain

Nearly one million Spaniards marched in cities across the country on March 7 defending the right to life of the unborn and demanding that the government revoke Spain’s new law on abortion recently passed by the Senate and signed by King Juan Carlos.Over 300 pro-life organizations collaborated in the “International March for Life 2010,” which was held last Sunday in numerous cities across Spain. read more

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