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Shroud on Tour

11. March 2010
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The celebrated Shroud of Turin will once more be on display this year, fifteen years earlier than had been expected.

Prior to June 2, 2008, the next scheduled exhibition of the Shroud of Turin was to occur in the year 2025. However, after receiving the Archbishop of Turin´s request, Pope Benedict XVI agreed that the exhibition date should be moved ahead. As a result, the Shroud of Turin will be displayed from April 10 through May 23, 2010, in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist—its first public exposition in 10 years.

The Shroud is permanently stored in a climate controlled, lighted case, which was built by the Italian aerospace company Alenia Spazio. The upper surface is made of bullet-proof glass, and weighs about 1,000 kg. The cloth is surrounded inside the case by a mixture of 99.5% argon and 0.5% oxygen in order to preserve the Shroud and protect it from aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. When the Shroud is not on display, the case is stored in an alcove of the Cathedral where the faithful may pray and venerate this most well known relic. read more

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