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12. March 2010

14. March 2010

Spain Prepares for Papal Visit in November

The mayor of Santiago de Compostela in Spain is affirming that his city is enthusiastically preparing for the upcoming visit of Benedict XVI.

The Pope recently announced that he will be visiting that city in November. Mayor Xosé Sanchez Bugallo spoke with ZENIT while in Rome for a promotional trip to motivate pilgrims to visit the shrine of St. James during the Jacobeo Holy Year.

The mayor affirmed that his city received the news of the papal visit as “a great stimulus and support for this year.” read more

Letters of Imprisoned Priest An Example for Clergy

Benedict XVI was presented with a volume that compiles, for the first time in Italian, the correspondence of Blessed Aloysius Stepinac, a Croatian cardinal martyred in 1960.

The Pope received this Italian-language volume, “Lettere dal martirio quotidiano” (Letters of Daily Martyrdom), Wednesday during the general audience.

The Pontiff called the initiative “extraordinary” as he received the book containing 180 letters written during the period of the cardinal’s imprisonment by the Communist authorities in former Yugoslavia. read more

2nd Part to “Jesus of Nazareth” Coming This Spring

The document highlights how Jesus is the sole Redeemer, the prelate affirmed, and defines as “contrary to the Catholic faith” the idea that the revelation of Jesus Christ must be completed with the doctrines of other religions, as some relativistic ideologies indicate.

The cardinal noted that the critical question behind this declaration is the one Jesus asked his disciples: “Who do the people say that I am?” (Luke 9:18).

He asserted that Jesus Christ is not “what men say, which gives way to so many interpretations and different opinions.” read more

Benedict to Not Vacation in the Alp this Year

(Courtesy of Zenit)

Benedict XVI is planning on spending the entire summer at Castel Gandolfo this year, rather than taking a few days to vacation in the Alps.

“Next summer, the Holy Father will travel directly from Rome to Castel Gandolfo to spend there the entire summer period,” a statement from the Vatican press office announced Thursday.

The communiqué adds that the Pope is appreciative of the invitations that have come this year to spend time in various mountain regions, “and has sincerely thanked the bishops that have made [these invitations].”

“But this year,” the statement reports, “he prefers to quickly begin the summer season of rest and study without taking on more travels.”

Schedule for Papal Visit to Turin Announced

The Archdiocese of Turin has published the program for its most high-profile visitor to the Holy Shroud exposition: the Pope will spend May 2 in the Italian city.

The shroud — believed to be the cloth in which Christ was buried — will be on display April 10 to May 23 at the Turin Cathedral. The last time it was displayed was 10 years ago.
Cardinal Severino Poletto, Turin’s archbishop, affirmed Tuesday his certainty that “Benedict XVI’s pastoral visit to our city and diocese will mark a new glorious page in the already rich history of faith of our Church in Turin.”

The cardinal exhorted his faithful to show their “affection and sincere communion with his Person and his magisterium.” read more

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